Aristote, the blog

“The Europe we love …”

Many Europeans consider Europe as either too distant or too interfering in their day-to-day lives. In their mind, European project didn’t deliver its promises.

On this blog, I would like to tell you short stories about our Europe, the one I love, the one, hopefully we love. I would like also provide concrete ideas to make the European project better understood and loved by citizens.

You will also find here :

  • a section specifically dedicated to the European elections of 2019: to clarify the issues, the terms of the debate, to be involved …
  • another one about projects which aim at revitalizing a Europe of citizens.

Aristotle (english, italian…), Aristoteles (german, spanish), Aristotelis (greek), Aristote (french) … we finally chose the French version because it was the shortest one.

In general, the details of the life of Aristotle are not well established. His biographies, written in ancient times, are often speculative, and historians only agree on a few salient points. Still, the student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great is generally considered as the most influential philosopher in history.

But no philosophical ambition here : by using this prestigious name, we just want to illustrate the idea to come back to the roots of who we are, all together.

I write strictly in my own capacity.

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Good reading !